Welcome Message

Welcome Remarks from the KSRS President to the ISRS 2020
  Woo-Kyun Lee
President of the Korean Society of Remote Sensing
Chair of the ISRS 2020
On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the ISRS (International Symposium on Remote Sensing) 2020 and the KSRS (Korean Society of Remote Sensing), we are pleased to announce that the ISRS 2020 will be held from 22th-24th April at BEXCO in Busan, Republic of Korea, We sincerely welcome all the participants and delegates to the ISRS 2020.

Since 2012, ISRS has been officially co-organized by KSRS, CSPRS (Chinese (Taipei) Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), RSSJ (Remote Sensing Society of Japan), and EMSEA (Standing Committee of Environmental Monitoring from Space of East Asia), and became a leading Symposium for remote sensing field in East Asia. In the ISRS 2020, meaningful presentations on remote sensing and spatial information will be given for our scientific networking and experience sharing among our members.

The earth can be observed not only by our eyes, but also with diverse sensors with amazing technical performances. Beyond our five senses, precise and comprehensive information which is observed by remote sensing technologies can support our wise decision making for healthy humankind and globe. In addition, a wide range of global information enables global cooperation in all areas and generations of the global society.

Big data, IOT, 4th Industrial Evolution, and AI have been developed by humankind and contribute to our decision-making for economic development. But these new technologies sometimes threaten the identity and dignity of our humankind, when they are used just for own purposes and interests of specific groups. Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Technology is strongly related to these new and high technologies and should contribute to solving facing problems and ensure sustainable development of our common society.

The ability to share spatio-temporal information based on remote sensing technology will lead to the sustainable development of our global society. ISRS has offered us to share our knowledge on remote sensing technology and spatio-temporal information for ensuring our future prosperity. Also, intergenerational sharing of our experience will be also important for our common future. We will be in the same space together in Busan in Korea for sharing our time experienced by our individuals. I hope ISRS 2020 can be a space where scientific innovation and social development relevant to remote sensing are pursued together through sharing our knowledge and experience. Please actively share your precious knowledge and experience with your beloved people in ISRS 2020.

I believe that ISRS2020 in Busan of beautiful harbor city will offer us academic friendship as well as sharing-ship of our space and time through our active participation. I hope all participants enjoy your space and time in ISRS 2020, Busan, Korea.