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Guideline for Presentation

Guideline for Presentation
Oral Presentation

Each oral presentation is 15 Minutes including Q&A. Please try to keep the given amount of time for all the speakers could finish the session right on time.
The presentation material should be either MS Power-Point or PDF files. (PPTX files are also acceptable.)
All presenters are required to use the arranged computer in the session room.
After checking the compatibility, please upload your file in your session computer before your presentation.
You should arrive in the session room BEFORE the beginning of session, and report to the session chairperson.
Please bring your name tag for smooth introduction by session chair.

Poster Presentation

Posters should be a visual representation, which could bring initiate informal discussion.
Poster Size: A0 size is recommended.
Posters should include title, author’s name, affiliation.

[Before the poster presentation]
The given number of posters will be indicated on a board.
Place your poster on the assigned board.
Posting Time(Poster Session I : April 19(Wed) 13:00 ~ 18:00, Poster Session II : April 20(Thu) 09:00 ~ 17:00)

[During the poster presentation]
Poster Session I : April 19(Wed) 15:45-16:30, 3F Robby
Poster Session II : April 20(Thu) 14:15-15:30, 3F Robby

[After the poster session]
Every presenter is required to remove their own posters.
Posters will be discarded after the time announced below.

Session Attaching Removing
Poster Session I 12:00 on Wednesday 18:00 on Wednesday
Poster Session II 09:00 on Thursday 17:00 on Thursday

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