Guidelines for Participants

We would like to thank you for your continued interest and active participation in ISRS 2021.
ISRS 2021 will be completely online and virtual event. All participants can join the Technical Programs, Opening and Closing ceremonies, Exhibits, and other social events via ISRS 2021 website.
We would like to explain how to join the technical sessions as follows:


Access the online Technical Programs
    • In order to access the ISRS 2021 technical programs, all participants must register to ISRS 2021.
    • Accessing the online technical program site: Visit the official website ( → Click the “PROGRAM” menu on the website to visit the technical program.
    • You can find papers and presentations for all orals and poster sessions on the online technical program site.
    • All participants can read papers and presentation files using the ID and PW used on the registration.
    • Q&A boards are provided for all oral and poster presentations in order that participants can easily ask questions about the presentations.


Join the Live Zoom Sessions
    • Choose the Session that you would like to participate in, then click the “Zoom Session Room” button on the session page.
    • Please join the live session using a PC (laptop) with a webcam and microphone. It is recommended to connect using wired network for stable session operation. Please do not use multiple devices in the same space.
    • For each presentation, Q&A will be conducted after the pre-recorded video presentation.
    • If you have questions or comments, click [Unmute] button in the bottom left or [Raise Hand] button in the Participants window. You can also ask your questions using the [Chat] window.
    • Ask your questions under the guideline of the session chair.


Use of Zoom platform
    • When you join the online conference for the first time, you can download the Zoom application followed by instructions.
    • If you cannot download the Zoom application, please visit Zoom Download Center (
    • Please test your audio and microphone before joining a session.
    • If you click [Participants], you can see a list of all participants that has joined.
    • Click [More], and choose [Rename] to change your screen name displayed to other participants.
    • You can access the chat window by clicking [Chat]